MMMORPG HIT 2 can be pre-downloaded on smartphones

HIT 2 will come out on August 24-25th. To be one of the first players to step into this world, you should think about downloading the client.

HIT 2 is a mobile MMORPG with console-level graphics and full attention on dealing massive damage to mobs, bosses, and other players. Gamers will choose a class like warrior, paladin, mage, and rogue with 4 active skills for each of them. By the way, those who pre-registered for HIT 2 in South Korea, should receive rewards; but alas, you need to have a Korean phone number. There is also a possibility that you will be asked for an ID after the servers are opened.

So far we don't know when the global version of HIT 2 will come out, but it should as most other Asian MMORPGs. Most of it will be thanks to the financial success in South Korea. As for the gameplay, the world in HIT 2 is split into huge biomes.

Players should expect a big attention to PvP in HIT 2, specially guild castle sieges and massive battles. This means you should have a decent phone to run this game. A rule of thumb — if your device runs Black Desert Mobile smoothly, you're good to go. And if you're afraid of hieroglyphs, subscribe, and we will let you know when the global version of HIT 2 hits the markets.

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