MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate is bombarded by reviews in Google Play

Com2uS has released a global version of MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate. It's not so good.

MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate is a mobile sports game where you collect cards of your favorite baseball players. Not only that, but you participate in the full-fledged matches, hitting the ball or throwing it. This is where the problems of this game arise. You see, the controls are not mobile-friendly, so your only option of winning is to buy better players for real money or grind them. Maybe this is what Com2uS wanted in the 1st place?

One good thing about MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate are the graphics — they are on console level, with all the players having realistic 3D models. The devs also mention real-time PvP with players from all over the world. They promise you won't have to stare at cards the whole day, but if you're a fan of statistics, then there are a lot of those during matches.

Some players believe MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate is boring, or it can even throw an error on some phones like POCO X3 Pro. But one thing is for certain — apart from controls, the Ultimate version is better than the standard one. For now, it has 2.2 stars in Google Play, which is too little.

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MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate

Released on Jul 28, 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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