Mission Zero is a mobile Hitman on smartphones

NetEase Games is working on a multiplayer stealth game called Mission Zero. If you're patient enough, you might be a tester in summer.

Mission Zero is a cross-platform game for iOS, Android, and PC. The multiplayer project offers matches in the format 2v4; some players become chasers, and some — invaders. The first must not let the second ones gather secret intel on an evil corporation. Like in Hitman, players will have to hide, chase, or run.

Technical beta testing of Mission Zero will begin on 8th July, this is information from the official Discord group. The test regions are Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. The platforms — PC and Android. In the near future, the devs will share minimum and recommended requirements for this game.

The new English video, although a bit short, might be an indicator that we need to wait a global version. If you want to pre-register and become one of the testers for Mission Zero, head to the official website.

During one the latest tests, we've noticed some bugs, both technical and visual. For example, characters float in the air instead of running up the steps. Or because of the high ping, the models start to jitter. We hope this won't be the case in July.

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IOS, Android

Mission Zero

Will be released in 2022
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