Marvel Snap went into CBT straight after announcement

New and unusual CCG Marvel Snap can be played on Android if you're the chosen one.

Marvel Snap is a mobile game for iOS and Android. Now, the devs from Nuverse are accepting forms from potential testers. They should be from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the Philippines, or Singapore. Moreover, the only version that's available now is on Android.

This card game will bring superheroes and supervillains to the 1v1 matches. They last for about 3 minutes and play out in a real time. I know, this sounds wild — unlike other CCGs — like Hearthstone or Gwent — where you take turns and think out your strategy, Marvel Snap will bring more fun and test your snap reactions (pun intended).

To bring even more fun, the devs have added the space cube system. It's simple — you or your opponent increase the number of those cubes so that winner will take it all. Of course, one needs to know for sure that he or she's going to win before doing such a thing. Either way, we hope you get a testing seat and receive an email with instructions after filling in the form above. Good luck!

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IOS, Android

Marvel Snap

Will be released on Oct 18, 2022
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