Magic Spellslingers is a good first entry to the world of Magic: The Gathering

Magic Spellslingers is officially available across the world. If you like Hearthstone, you will understand the rules.

Magic Spellslingers is a card game with vertical gameplay. It's an alternative to Magic: The Gathering, but more straightforward and easy. Some might even consider it a clone of Hearthstone, as all you need to do — put your cards on the table and make so that your opponent's "face" goes to 0.

The fights in Magic Spellslingers are 1v1 and mostly PvP, although in the beginning you just have to sit through the long tutorial made specifically for those gamers that haven't tried CCG before. But one of the bad aspects of this game — it's F2P nature. You see, very early in the game you start getting opponents that have "premium" cards or high-end decks. So losing 15 or 20 times in a row is a realistic possibility here.

Still, Magic Spellslingers is a great chance for you to hop into the world of Magic: The Gathering, a rather hard game for novice players to grasp. Another advantage of it is the friend system, where you can get additional resources or even exchange decks.

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Magic Spellslingers

Released on Aug 6, 2022
2 days ago

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