LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie brings realistic water and 5 islands to explore

LifeAfter has got a new update, Sea of Zombie. It's available on iOS and Android with new content.

The new version of LifeAfter sees you exploring 5 sea islands in order to understand — why are there no zombies? This will help to eradicate the infection on the main locations (probably). Still, there are many uncovered treasures in the sea, so you should prepare a boat, compass, and look after the light of the lighthouse.

LifeAfter players should expect new kinds of zombies, including big sharks, tentacles, and a special boss. By defeating these monsters, you will get high-class materials. Apart from that, gamers will get limited outfits, sprays, frames, and other free rewards.

With the new update for AfterLife, a mobile survival game, came the ultra realistic water, so if you have a high-end phone — why not to try this project?

The only thing you might not like are the animations of players and zombies. Well, the game is a bit outdated, so it's not surprising, but it has an open world that you can drive around on your motorcycle. This can't be seen in a lot of other zombie games on iOS and Android.

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