Let's see what Argent Twilight, another turn-based anime game, is made of

Mobile game Argent Twilight is available in Canada and Malaysia on iOS and Android. The English version might add topping to the cake.

Argent Twilight is a turn-based RPG with anime stylistics. The setting might remind you of Ni no Kuni or anime projects of Hayao Miyazaki. For example, your team of heroes fights angry cats, flies on air whales and gets angry after a rare collection of souvenirs is being destroyed by a sudden ambush. To always win, you need to look after your heroes' element, they are split into fire, water, nature, darkness, and light. If your character is better, you get 10% critical hit increase. If there's a disadvantage, the game will punish you with 10% less damage and 50% more to block your attack.

Argent Twilight has cutscenes with English localization. Genshin Impact fans will be glad to know there's a version of Paimon, but it's a dragon with a cute voice that doesn't remember a lot. But your team says now it has to pay off. According to the plot, your team is the only air delivery company in this fantasy world. But a better thing about the gameplay is that there might be some idle elements for you to get free materials and XP while offline.

Argent Twilight sees you improving the equipment and weapons. Of course, during the first hours of gameplay, you will get rewards for every step. As for the online features, there are guilds with raids being a possibility for high-level heroes.

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IOS, Android

Argent Twilight: Secrets of the Dark Orbs

Released in Sep 2022
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