Legeclo: Legend Clover (18+) is heading to global markets

Legeclo: Legend Clover brings 2 H scenes for each R character.


Legeclo: Legend Clover is a mobile SRPG that was released on iOS and Android in Japan in 2021. It has anime style with Medieval warriors and waifu. As per foreign gaming outlets, the global version will be out on October 4th. So far, you can pre-register via the official website, but at the moment of writing this news article, there's only a white screen.

Japanese gamers say that for pre-registering for Legeclo: Legend Clover, you get an SSR hero. They recommend taking Lu Bu, as she flies and ignores different types of terrain. Also, she quickly acquires a new ability that lets her double attack.

If your team is more powerful, than the enemy one, you can put the fight on auto mode, but if the situation is reverse, you should use manual controls, or else you will be defeated a lot. Also, the waifus in Legeclo: Legend Clover are made in the Chibi style, and the units consist of 2 parts — the main hero and troops.

Now comes the most exciting part — there are H scenes in Legeclo: Legend Clover. But don't expect every character to get those. Well, at least R heroes and higher get 2 H scenes. They are not hardcore as in Rise of Eros, but you're still in for a treat.

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Legeclo: Legend Clover

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