KungFu Superstar: Call me sifu lets you be like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

KungFu Superstar will be ported on iOS. You can pre-register now.

KungFu Superstar is a mobile arcade game where you become a main hero of action movies. Players will fight like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, performing difficult stunts on your own. Fights will usually take place on roofs of high-scrapers, but as you progress, there will be more locations with distinct visual style.

KungFu Superstar is not only an arcade game, but a roguelike. It means as you level up, you will receive random buffs, sometimes having to choose 1 out of 3. It depends on what you want — defense or attack? In one go, you have to clear about 8 levels, the main objective is to clear the stage from all the enemies.

KungFu Superstar will come out on June 10th on iOS, this is confirmed by the App Store page. As for the Android version, it's been for a while in Google Play, so you can hope in right now. By the way, the devs of this game have added two control modes — manual and automatic. This means you won't have to sacrifice time and attention. And if you want to fight bad guys with something more than bare hands, there is a lightsaber.

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IOS, Android

KungFu Superstar: Call me sifu

Released on Jun 10, 2022