Just Cause Mobile is available in Southeast Asia

Square Enix has launched Just Cause Mobile in three countries. If you have an Android device with VPN on it, you can check out this game.

Just Cause Mobile is an action game where players attack bandits and gain control over territories. Currently, Android gamers can participate in a soft launch in these four countries — Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Square Enix has added a new mode where 30 players can participate; it seems it's a multiplayer mode, not a PvP one. Moreover, you can become a member of a clan and traverse locations with your wing suit, parachute, or a vehicle.

It's interesting that now Just Cause Mobile has 2.7 stars out of 5 in Google Play. It appears that beta testers didn't like the limited locations and isometric view. The game doesn't feel anything like the main Just Cause parts. In the last update, the game has received an achievement system, and there were some adjustments made to the overall UI.

And if you're new to the whole Just Cause feel, you might feel pleased to know the devs have added a new tutorial. If you like coop and multiplayer modes, there is a voice chat waiting for you.

Google Play (Malaysia)

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