Journey of Greed is a card game with tabletop rules and multiplayer

Journey of Greed came out in App Store and Google Play around the world. Yes, it's finally a global version.

Journey of Greed is a card game where you play with your friends or random people. The rules are simple — you take on a role of a pirate who wants to get the most treasures. Players take turns to draw and play cards that help them in their findings or just get them killed. Other players can work with you hand in hand or wait cautiously for you to pass away.

The story is almost nonexistent as the attention goes towards the actual gameplay. But there are in-game purchases and quests you need to make daily to get rewards. For every match, you should consider upgrading or even creating a deck of cards to match your play style.

Novice players can complete a tutorial in Journey of Greed, this will help them to rank higher when playing with real people (we expect some bots in the first matches). By the way, the average duration of the game is 10 minutes, which is a bit too long for mobile projects in general.

You can't kill intentionally your friends in Journey of Greed like it's Among Us, but this game definitely checks the credibility of your friends.

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IOS, Android

Journey of Greed

Released on Aug 23, 2022
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