Isle of Arrows will come out this autumn on PC and smartphones

Isle of Arrows is a simple tower defense game from the Creative Director of Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO.

Isle of Arrows is a game on iOS, Android, and PC. It's made in the tower defense genre, which means you will have to defend your kingdom against enemy knights. This is done by building new towers, taverns, and setting up flags to increase your territory. You can play the game from September 8th on PC and on from October 6th on smartphones.

The gameplay in Isle of Arrows is split into rounds, where you randomly draw tiles and spend coins to skip those you deem rubbish. After everything is set up, you watch at the auto warfare against your towers and enemy soldiers. The dev promises more than 50 different tiles.

There are 3 game modes in Isle of Arrows: Campaign, Gauntlet, and Daily Defense. The story is further split into 3 different campaigns. There are also 4 guilds with their own play style. It's interesting that Isle of Arrows is being developed by 1 person.

Actually, some beta testers of Isle of Arrows think the game is too hard when RNG is not on your side, so the PC version got a bit easier. You can see the patch note here.

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IOS, Android

Isle of Arrows

Will be released on Oct 6, 2022
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