Is it legal to use a controller in Call of Duty Mobile and does it give you an upper hand?

Some people dislike touch controls in shooter games like CoD Mobile. And they are thirsty for controllers.

The short answer is “yes”, CoD Mobile supports Xbox Wireless Controller and Dualshock 4. The developers from Activision have tested them and vouch for their compatibility. As for the unofficial models, even premium devices, you may be unlucky and your game or smartphone will not recognize it. Moreover, there is no exact information on the support of wired controllers.

How to connect a controller to Call of Duty Mobile?

  1. Turn it on and pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth;
  2. Find in the settings the tab responsible for controllers;
  3. Allow the usage of your preferred model and change the controls to your liking.

But don’t think that you get the advantage and will beat everyone because the game immediately recognizes that you have a controller and will throw you in the lobby with the fans of controllers. Well, one more disadvantage is that in the menu you still have to use touch controls, and after the start of the match you have to stick with the chosen type, be it fingers or controller.

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Call of Duty Mobile

Released on Oct 1, 2019
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