Is Honor of Kings somewhat different from Arena of Valor?

Global version of Honor of Kings is available in some countries. There's almost no difference.

Android gamers can test the Android version of Honor of Kings. In the past years, it has been a China-only mobile title — with Arena of Valor being a global version — but Tencent has decided to change that and just bring Honor of Kings to the worldwide audience. You might think that this is a straightforward process, but no — the game has been in beta testing phase for quite a while.

Honor of Kings is available in Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and Egypt. There's no big difference between this title and Arena of Valor, apart from a few visual elements and color changes. It's great that at least the beta version doesn't have any P2W mechanics, although your progress will be erased after the servers are closed.

We still don't know if Arena of Valor players will be able to transfer their progress to the global version of Honor of Kings. And there's no official release date. For now, all you can do is test the following modes:

  • Training;
  • Solo 1v1;
  • Matchmaking 5v5;
  • Ranked 5v5.

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Honor of Kings

Will be released in 2023
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