Interview with Diablo Immortal revealed new information

Wyatt Cheng discussed Diablo Immortal in more detail during one of the recent interviews. There are many interesting details.

Diablo Immortal is a mobile MMO that will be available on iOS and Android on June 2nd. Currently, Wyatt Cheng said the devs are preparing the PC version, although it will be in a beta state during the launch. That's why you should be aware of bugs and Blizzard will pay more attention to the mobile versions, so be patient.

As for now, there are 30 million players who went through the pre-registration process. This is the reason the devs are pretty hard at setting up data centers. Moreover, they will split different regions and lock them to distinct servers. For example, North and East America will be divided.

On one server of Diablo Immortal, you will be able to create up to 5 characters, not more. Another interesting feature — you're not pushed to level up alts, as they don't give any buffs to the main hero. It means we won't see the same system as in Marvel Future Revolution. Furthermore, you can change classes of your characters once in a month or so.

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Diablo Immortal

Released on Jun 2, 2022
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