Infinity Souls will come out on iOS and Android in Japan tomorrow

Infinity Souls began a pre-download process on smartphones. The game will launch on June 30th.


Infinity Souls is a mobile RPG for Asian market, specifically — for Japan. There's no information on the global release. The story is about the near future, where humans received many benefits from technological progress. But there are many cyber crimes and your group of waifus is here to help. You will become their commander, and the mission starts tomorrow, on June 30th.

Although we don't have specific gameplay details, some TapTap users think that Infinity Souls resembles Soul Worker franchise in terms of design. You should also expect chatting and light flirting with waifus, however, there's not much to expect — the game has "3+" age rating.

As for the modes in Infinity Souls, there will be PvP arenas and raids with rewards for progress in each season. And don't forget about world bosses that appear for a limited time. Judging by screenshots, you will need to level up your account level and summon new waifus with gacha system. There's also an energy system that doesn't let you spend much time on this game, although you can increase the energy with premium currency.

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