Hypnos brings cyberpunk and arcade genres together in this new mobile game

Hypnos is a game that is available on Android in China. This is an early version that you can play right now.

Hypnos is a mobile game that appeared in Chinese TapTap. We can confirm an Android version, but there's no information about the iOS one. Judging by the video footage provided by YouTube content creators, players need to complete levels and unlock new rooms where next enemies await.

According to the description of the game, translated from Chinese to English, the main hero doesn't remember anything and works in an organization that rewrites memories of other people. During one of the procedures, our hero remembers some kind of war between clans for power. So you have a choice — to join the fight or live your life as if nothing happened.

The battles in Hypnos are very arcade — you gather a group of cyberpunk heroes, placing them in rows or on top of each other. The ranged characters will shoot many heroes at once, although there's a chance to miss some. The melee heroes mostly focus on 1 enemy.

How to install Hypnos?

  1. Download the game;
  2. Choose a suitable country code and enter your phone number;
  3. After this, copy a code you will be sent via SMS;
  4. Enter a proper name and ID of a Chinese person via this table (2nd and 3rd columns).
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Will be released in 2023
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