Hyper Front puts Valorant Mobile to shame with its official release

Hyper Front can be played on iOS and Android. It's a good team shooter.

As we've said in the last news articleHyper Front will come out, but it won't be available in a few countries, including Russia, the UK, and the US. We don't know the case for it, maybe these versions will become available later. Another good thing is that the pre-registration number has reached 10M and the devs are giving out tons of rewards for those who log in daily.

Moreover, if you had a bad ping earlier in Hyper Front, it won't be the case anymore as NetEase has added new servers in North America and Europe. As you might've expected, Hyper Front has got a new update called "Outbreak". It adds 3 more characters and a new map, Desert Tower. It goes without saying that the devs've added a new season pass with refreshed rewards.

Hyper Front has 20+ realistic guns with different stats you need to learn and understand for precise shooting. As for the gameplay, there are many of modes:

  • Team Mode;
  • Deathmatch;
  • PvE;
  • Quick SnD;
  • Co-op missions
  • Arms Race.

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Android, IOS

Hyper Front

Released on Jul 20, 2022
2 days ago

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