Homeworld Mobile came to new countries as a part of its soft launch

Homeworld Mobile opens its doors to more players around the world.

Homeworld Mobile is a mobile MMO where you participate in space adventures. There are already a lot of story cutscenes with CGI and in-game graphics. The developers didn't save money on various special effects and sounds, so you might think that this is a competitor to EVE Echoes. One thing for sure that unites these games — the sheer amount of action buttons on the screen.

Homeworld Mobile is available now in more countries. If yours is not one of them, don't worry — the devs promise to increase the number of active players in the future. So far, it's a soft launch with probable file deletion before the official launch. And yes, you can play Homeworld Mobile only on Android.

As in other mobile MMOs, you have to choose your faction and alliance in Homeworld Mobile. This will help you to level up faster, explore the vast space, and participate in massive PvP battles.

Countries where Homeworld Mobile is available

  • Germany;
  • The UK;
  • Sweden;
  • Norway;
  • Ireland;
  • Iceland;
  • Finland;
  • Denmark;
  • Canada.

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