Heroes Arise enters beta test and looks like Wild Rift

Heroes Arise can be played on Android. If you've played MOBA, you will feel right at home.

Heroes Arise is a mobile MOBA where players are split into 2 5v5 teams. There are 3 lanes and jungles with matches lasting for around 15 minutes. Yes, this is another alternative to League of Legends: Wild Rift. The devs of Heroes Arise also promise a wide variety of heroes with unique traits and lag-free servers.

Characters in Heroes Arise are mainly split into these roles: tank, fighter, archer, assassin, mage, and support. For now, there's a beta test for this game on Android; it's started on September 27th, and there's no ending date so far. But you can't download it via Google Play, but via the official website.

Beta testers of Heroes Arise are promised many cool features, such as free tokens for unlocking new heroes, skins, and various events. For example, if you reach level 10, you get 5 characters and 3 skins.

Although Heroes Arise might seem like a cheap Wild Rift rip-off, the gameplay is surprisingly smooth — characters have unique phrases and voices, there's a symphonic music in the background, and the UI is not clogged with too many action buttons.

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