Hero-collector game Dislyte launched on smartphones with a promo code

Publisher Lilith Games has released a new game with nice graphics and great soundtrack.

Dislyte is a mobile game where you collect heroes and upgrade them to defeat the evil ones. The project is available on iOS and Android in many countries. Players will get a realistic picture with music that you need to collect during all the walkthroughs.

When you get an epic or legendary hero in Dislyte, you can share this moment with others and receive 100 Diamonds once a week. Moreover, heroes like Hyde, Unas and Cecilia got their tactical exams. As for clubs (local guilds), the maximum number of members got decreased to 30 instead of 50. If your club had more than 30 players in it, don't worry — you'll still have them, but you won't be able to accept new requests.

Another great thing for fans of Dislyte — weekly challenges won't be that repetitive from now on. And don't forget to use promo code JoinDis to get nice rewards during the start of the game. The devs are promising deep strategic gameplay where you can adapt and perfect your strategy with every turn.

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Released on May 10, 2022
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