Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a new mobile entry to the horror franchise

Publisher tinyBuild has launched Hello Neighbor: Diaries on smartphones, but not in all countries.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a mobile game that seems like a spin-off on iOS and Android. It means you will need to enter the dark Neighbor house to find keys, open locks, and find out what secrets are hidden in it. The project is available in Asian countries and Oceania. Although this is an early version, the graphics are already looking good and optimized, but sometimes there are no sound effects.

By the way, you can get daily rewards for login in, there's also a room where you place all the found items. It's interesting that you can't lose even if the Neighbor catches you. You just get resurrected in the hub room and start all over, sneaking your way through an ever-changing maze of locations.

But don't let the Neighbor catch you too much — every time he does that, the alert meter gets filled in. It is unknown what happens after that, but you can install the game and find out for yourself. As the name of the game suggests, you will read the diaries of this Neighbor, trying to find — what happened to Mr. Peterson's missing on?

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Android, IOS

Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Will be released in 2022
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