Harry Potter: Magic Awakened's CBT on in Japan and Korea

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened can be played until July 30th in two Asian countries.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a CCG game with plot, PvP, and magic. The one game to rule them all, and a big addition to the more F2P and arcady projects about Harry Potter. As you know, the global beta version has been around since at least a week from now (more one that here). So, if you live in South Korea or Japan, or just want to play another version of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, then you can do it now and until July 30th.

Although Magic Awakened has one version for all the regions, NetEase Games is inclined to separate them, so expect regional boundaries after downloading the Japanese or Korean versions. As for why to install them in the first place — these countries often have a richer variety of events and heavier microtransactions. If you worry about the language barrier, it's OK — as I said, the devs use the same version, so English is included.

If you want to know what new content Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will have, then there is good news — from July 20th gamers can participate in a mini-game that reminds me of a lighter and summer version of battle royale.

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

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