Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is starting a beta test tomorrow

Mobile gamers should expect invitations from NetEase Games to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a mobile game with CCG elements. You become a new student in Hogwarts, although there are some events where you can see and meet favorite characters from Harry Potter books and films. If you want to play the global version, there is a chance — tomorrow, on July 6th, Warner Bros. will send out invitations to the Chosen Ones.

We don't know what platforms will support the beta version of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened or how long the servers will be open, but we guess it's for iOS and Android. The one thing we're certain of — the CBT will be for a small amount of people. Subscribe to this game to know how to participate.

If you're enjoying the Chinese version of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, then you're in for a treat — the game has seen the beginning of a new season. Players should expect new clothes and events with a possibility of getting a legendary card. Those who want to look fabulous, can spend money on a new dress for a boy or a girl.

NetEase Games has also changed the events menu and added beautiful animations during potions making. And the most active players can get their hands on a few animated portraits they can hang on a wall in their room. This will make it more lively.

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IOS, Android

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Will be released in 2022
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