Hardcore game Blade of God 2 enters another CBT round

Blade of God 2 can be downloaded on Android, but you might need a VPN.

Blade of God 2 is a tough game on smartphones that will be in a CBT state until July 25th. Unfortunately, gamers on iOS can't test the project, but even Android gamers should be cautious — the test is only in the US and without VPN even TapTap can't help you.

The devs warn testers that the loading times are increased due to cash loading. You have to wait patiently during those moments. Another important point are the system requirements — Snapdragon 845, 6 GB of RAM, and Android 9.0 or better. By the way, make sure you have additional 10 GB of free space on the internal memory of your phone.

Blade of God 2 has 3 factions that give you unique buffs and the ability to chat with your fellow gamers. It means, if they're from another faction, you can't do that.

Tips for playing Blade of God 2 for the 1st time

  • The first boss is called Caxias, you should pay attention to his special ability. If you see a blue light, you should use a break attack to counter him. But if you see a red light, the boss is invincible, and you should run away from his attacks;
  • Every location has a set amount of treasure chests;
  • You can summon a friend during some boss fights;
  • Guilds are unlocked after completing 1-4 missions.
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Blade of God 2

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