Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud will be released in November

Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud is getting ready for its release. Before that, there might be OBTs and CBTs.

Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud is a mobile auto battler that will be out on iOS and Android on November 21st. This information comes directly from App Store and this Reddit post. So far, the information we have is scarce, but you can watch short videos that show different waifus, their models, and voices.

Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud's developers have put their effort into small details, which can be seen during battles. They are automatic, you just need to put the units into their spots and see how they fight with each other. The animations are smooth, also when your character activates her ultimate, there's a short anime sequence.

Of course, new heroes in Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud come from the gacha system. The devs give you around 10 free pulls, but don't expect more than a 2-star rare waifu; but if you have time and patience, you can reroll.

You can build a city in Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud, and make it unique. Also, you will be able to idle-farm materials.

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Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud

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