Girls' Connect: Idle RPG might be better than Diablo Immortal

Girls' Connect: Idle RPG is available on iOS and Android in SEA with many codes.

Girls' Connect: Idle RPG is an arcade project where you gather a team of anime heroes and watch them fight automatically. The story is told via text and unvoiced dialogues, which is a shame. But the characters always scream during battles, and the developers promise they hired famous Japanese voice actors.

It's interesting that the game is already on the 3rd position in App Store among RPG. It's even better than Diablo Immortal, and it's one step away from dethroning Genshin Impact. But there aren't a lot of reviews, so we can't judge the real performence of the game.

Girls' Connect: Idle RPG is very forgiving in terms of upgrading your waifus or deciding that you want to spend the limited materials on some other characters. If so, you will get back your 100% materials. Not all gachas do that, but let's talk about promo codes next — there are a lot of those.

Codes for Girls' Connect: Idle RPG

  • Punipun;
  • GC777;
  • GC888;
  • Baobao;
  • GC999;
  • GC2022;
  • Ruri;
  • Akaei;
  • GC666.

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