Genshin Impact starts patch 3.1 with new banners and a free character

Genshin Impact has received a new big update. You need to make your Primogems ready.

Genshin Impact is a cross-platform RPG with a vast open world. The game is already 2 years old, but the new patch 3.1 looks fresh — there is a desert area now, with three subareas to explore: Hypostyle Desert, Land of Upper Setekh, and Land of Lower Setekh. There are also 3 new characters — 4-star Candace, 5-star Cyno, and 5-star Venti.

Actually, you get a free hero — Callei — just by completing floor 4 in the 3rd hall. She is a Dendro-archer that is very close to Amber from Mondstadt. But to participate, you need to have 20 Adventure Rank. It's good news that the event is unlimited. If you want to play as Callei, you need to know that she's a 4-star character. Her special meal heals 40% from the maximum HP and gives additional 2 350 HP.

Also, Genshin Impact has received six new weapons. To get the best characters and weapons, you will need a lot of Primogems. Well, HoYoLAB gives out at least 20 free pulls for logging in; more on that on Reddit. Of course, Adventurers have received new missions to progress further in the Traveler's quest.

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Genshin Impact

Released on Sep 28, 2020
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