Funny strategy game Gate of Ages: Eon Strife has soft-launched

Gate of Ages: Eon Strife is the type of geo-strategy on Android you might have wished for.

Gate of Ages: Eon Strife is a mobile strategy game that is available on Android in Southeastern Asia. We don't know when the iOS version will come out. In this game, you need to choose a general and start building your kingdom. This is done thanks to your trustworthy and cute minions, who are animated in a form of comic book.

After this, you gather war leaders around you who will lead your army to nearby territories and fight for their control. The battles are automatic and take a few seconds, but after them, you receive a handful of diamonds. Again from your cute minions.

Of course, in Gate of Ages: Eon Strife you summon rare war leaders like in other gacha games. This is NetEase Games' project, after all. But even if you draw useless leaders, they still add up to the overall strength level of your kingdom. By the way, if you want more from this game — try joining an alliance and participating in seasonal tournaments.

One technical advice — if your gameplay gets stuck during one of the dialogues or something else, enable VPN and set it up for China or other Asian country.

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Gate of Ages: Eon Strife

Will be released in 2022
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