Fear Surrounds Mobile mixes Among Us with classical horror games

An early version of Fear Surrounds Mobile is available in SEA. 15 people can play on 1 map.

Fear Surrounds Mobile is a horror game for smartphones, released in some countries like the Philippines, solely on Android for now. If you've played Among Us, you will understand the rules — there are 15 people in an abandoned house, completing missions to escape. The problem is — some of them are there to kill the others.

The setting of Fear Surrounds Mobile will remind you of Silent Hill, especially with gray design and almost PS2 era graphics. Another thing is that you control your character from 1st person, making it a more scary experience.

The early version of Fear Surrounds Mobile contains voice chat for defending yourself or blaming an alleged monster. It's a game about social deduction where you mostly play with random people, so expect hot arguments. Unfortunately, there are in-game purchases, although we don't expect anything gameplay breaking.

By the way, JYSGames also works on other mobile games that take inspiration from popular franchises. For example, Funny Fighters is a nice alternative to Brawl Stars.

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IOS, Android

Fear Surrounds Mobile

Will be released in 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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