Fate Night: Hero Return has ninjas from Naruto, but is it legal? We don't think so

Fate Night: Hero Return has come out on Android smartphones across the world. But there are big issues we should address.

Fate Night: Hero Return is an idle-RPG that came out on Android. The gameplay is lacking — you only look at the group of ninjas fighting bad guys and earning XP and gold. You can say that many games can be described like that, but Fate Night: Hero Return is another breed of soulless projects that take other popular IPs and try to hide the truth so that they don't get sued.

Well, apart from all the ramble, Fate Night: Hero Return gives you 10 free pulls for rare SSR heroes. There's the pity system that lets you get the best characters after 60 pulls. The ninjas are further split into 4 elements, which is an important part for your chances to win.

There are different modes in Fate Night: Hero Return. For example, you can complete story missions, secret challenges, an Endless Tower or fight in the PvP Arena. Of course, during the first 7 days of logging in, you get rewards. More of those can be obtained via daily missions. It's unfortunate the game doesn't have any plot whatsoever, but you can challenge other players from all over the world and pay somewhere around $100 for in-game items.

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Fate Night: Hero Return

Will be released in 2022
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