Evernight isn't afraid of using assets from Genshin Impact

An early version of Evernight appeared on Android in 3 countries.

Evernight is a mobile RPG that is available in Google Play in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. There's no information about the iOS version. You need to gather a group of rare waifus that are made in 3D when in battles and with Live 2D when in main menu. It should be noted that the game has appealing graphics that look similar to AFK Arena.

Unlike other idle games where you just watch your team fight, in Evernight you also summon spells to help your group. However, most of the time you will see yourself leveling up characters by spending points on their skill trees and equipping new armor.

Story in Evernight is being told via text dialogues, although they are not voiced. But let's go back to the heroes in this game — some of them have a clear resemblance to Genshin Impact. For example, you can see that in this video, one character clearly looks like Itto from Genshin. Also, the background voice of your helper is very similar to Paimon, although it might not be the same actress.

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