Evernight brings RAID: Shadow Legends experience to Android smartphones

Mobile game Evernight is available on Android in Singapore. There are hieroglyphs, but the level design is so good.

Evernight is a turn-based RPG with mechanics from RAID: Shadow Legends. Yes, you need to gather a group of anime heroes that differ in rarity. The devs have worked on the presentation, that's why you get full 3D models, despite the style being cartoony while in main manu. Hey, another reason to play this game is that it has vertical gameplay, meaning it's great for one-hand sessions.

Of course, as other RPGs on smartphones, Evernight has the "rock, paper, scissors" system, where every character belongs to an element. This influences the damage they take or deal. If you want to play Evernighton Android, don't forget to set your VPN to China, or use one of the "booster" programs. They are usually used to make your ping in games lower, but here it's for enabling you to even start the game.

Evernight is available on Android in Singapore. Unfortunately, there's no information on the global release or the iOS version. Subscribe to learn more about it. Or read our last post where we talked about how this game is similar to Genshin Impact.

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