Endless Nightmare: The Prison brings new features to the same formula

Mobile game Endless Nightmare: The Prison is available in China on iOS and Android. You can test it, too.

Endless Nightmare: The Prison is an adventure with horror elements. You play as a former soldier who came home and was a witness of some nasty and maybe even deadly accidents with his family. After this he became hopeless, and the last thing we know — he's in a prison that's half destroyed, and with many monsters lurking around.

As in other parts of Endless Nightmare, you play with the 1st person perspective, exploring small locations, finding objects, solving puzzles, and killing monsters. There are different talent paths you can take, some of them are more hostile, and some of them are more stealthy.

Although Endless Nightmare: The Prison might only have Chinese text, you can grasp all the main elements of the gameplay — bullets are for a pistol, you lose energy while running. Maybe you can buy hints or watch adds to get them or more ammo. There's even an upgrade system for your weapons.

How to install Endless Nightmare: The Prison?

  1. Download the game;
  2. Authorize via a Chinese TapTap account;
  3. Enter a valid name and ID of a Chinese person from this table (2nd & 3rd columns).

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IOS, Android

Endless Nightmare: The Prison

Released on Aug 22, 2022
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