Endcycle VS is a type of roguelike you never wished for

Studio 12B3 Games has released Endcycle VS on Android. It's an interesting twist on roguelikes.

Endcycle VS is a mobile game that is now available on Android via Google Play. Unfortunately, there's no information about iOS version. Players have to go through different bioms and locations, occasionally fighting with enemies. During those fights, we have a field that is divided into three parts — ours, neutral and enemies'. We move on cells, trying to avoid attacks and hit monsters with your perks. By the way, you get new types of hits and skills after each fight.

As for locations, they look a bit boring — yellow colors, representing sand and a desert, enemies that are waiting for you on every location and occasional bosses. Don't forget that there are ads and in-game purchases, presumably to buy the full version.

The devs of EndCycle VS say that they've added around 4 000 types of attacks, and there is a big window for experiments — this is a deckbuilding roguelike, mind you. As for the last update, EndCycle VS received a reworked settings menu and got a few fixes so that Android gamers focus on the gameplay.

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Endcycle VS

Released on Apr 21, 2022
2 days ago

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