Early version of Odin's Rune: Idle RPG available on Android

Odin's Rune: Idle RPG came out in Google Play. You will watch your group of heroes fight bad guys before the time runs out.

Odin's Rune: Idle RPG is a mobile project that is available on Android in the US. The game has vertical gameplay with rewards for every step. Your goal is to assemble a team of rare heroes and complete mission. This will help to gather resources for upgrading your characters and to get ready for some serious PvP.

It's great that from the start the devs give you a lot of free summons, but this doesn't help at all as the next enemy you fight against has only 300 less strength than you. As the name of the game suggests, it's an RPG where you don't control your party of heroes — they fight automatically in the AFK mode.

The graphics in Odin's Rune: Idle RPG are good — the project looks and plays like an alternative to AFK Arena, but there is a small amount of sound effects. The characters are also split into different elements, making this game a typical idle project. The game has a variety of mods:

  • Chaos Abyss
  • Multiplayer Arena
  • Endless Corridor dungeons
  • Random Events

Google Play

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