Early version of anime Tales Noir provides you with decent graphics

Tales Noir is available on iOS and Android in a few countries. You can participate too.

Tales Noir is a mobile game where you control a hero and try to save the world. The game is now in beta test phase for iOS and Android. It's ready to download from countries like Canada, but if you follow our links, there's a high chance you won't need to bother about these technicalities.

Tales Noir makes you fall in love with the warm colors, isometric camera and wacky humor. The main characters have voices and this lets you understand the plot a bit better. Other than that, there is auto-questing and no open world, instead we travel between different locations, dungeons, and even biomes.

To be more unique in Tales Noir, you can wear a special skin or get a mount to travel around. There are 5 classes in total — warrior, hunter, sorcerer, musician, and assassin. Moreover, they are further split into 2 subclasses. The devs are promising different dungeons and events; there are more than 20 of those. And if you want to sell that shiny armor you just got, there is a marketplace to trade with other players.

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IOS, Android

Tales Noir

Released on Jul 8, 2022
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