Duel Shots: Clash Of Guns offers arcade cowboy duels

Duel Shots: Clash Of Guns is a mobile game that's available around the world.

Duel Shots: Clash Of Guns is an arcade game for smartphones where players participate in cowboy duels. Their goal is to make a headshot or activate a special ability to deal more damage than the opponent. The matchmaking process is quite fast, and the match itself is usually less than 1 minute.

Duel Shots: Clash Of Guns is available for both iOS and Android. Although it's an arcade project, the game has all the features it should have — the quick and sharp tutorial, tasks, a season pass, and upgrade system. You can level up not only your chosen cowboy, but also his or her gun.

While upgrading your account or the season pass in Duel Shots: Clash Of Guns, you get lootboxes with new guns and gold you spend on new characters. There is even a ranking system with missions that are split into days, weeks, and months. In the future, there will be more modes, but for now you can participate in a quick 1v1 duel. Unfortunately, there might be a lot of bots due to the low online.

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Duel Shots: Clash Of Guns

Released on Sep 5, 2022
2 days ago

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