Dragon Trail: Hunter World makes for a good Montser Hunter alternative

Dragon Trail: Hunter World can be played in a few countries on Android. IOS gamers can pre-register.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a mobile MMO where you select 1 out of 4 classes, expand a tribe and set out on adventures with giant dragons and reptiles. The graphics are kinda okay, making it a good game for mid-tier smartphones. However, the soundtrack and cinematic trailers is what makes up for the mobile picture.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World can be played in Canada on Android. If you play on iOS, when there's the pre-registration going on, with a release set for September 1st. It's not an exact date, so subscribe and we will notify you when the game will see the official launch.

In Dragon Trail: Hunter World, gamers should expect training the reptiles and other creatures, so that they can give you buffs and help out during battles. The main goal is to increase the overall strength level by completing quests. This, in turn, will let you travel to different locations and even biomes. Also, players can participate in PvP, although during the first hours of gameplay it might be unavailable.

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IOS, Android

Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Released on Sep 1, 2022
2 days ago

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