DK Mobile: The Origin has been launched in South Korea on Android

DK Mobile: The Origin is available on smartphones in Asia. The game offers typical RPG mechanics with isometric gameplay.


DK Mobile: The Origin is a mobile MMORPG that can be played both in South Korea or outside of it if you have an installation file. Unfortunately, there's no information on the iOS version, at least the game is not available in App Store. As in Lineage games, you collect cards with different styles, stats, and classes of characters. Of course, they differ in terms of rarity.

DK Mobile: The Origin was developed solely for smartphones, meaning there are auto elements that make farming less of a chore. The main thing you will do is slay monsters and complete missions. There are even pets for you to collect like Pokémon and get buffs from them.

One of the things that might differentiate DK Mobile: The Origin from other Asian MMOs is the fact you won't need to spend a lot of money as there are no P2W mechanics. This doesn't sound too promising, but you can expect less grinding with such modes as The Endless Tower or Guild Wars.

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