Diablo Immortal has a new Helliquary boss and whales are not happy

Blizzard at it again, aggravating the situation around Diablo Immortal with Vitaath and the required CR.

If you're level 41 and completed the main storyline in Diablo Immortal, then be ready to meet Vitaath — the new Helliquary boss that needs at least 2 000 CR to beat her in a group. If you make it to the 3rd difficulty, then you'll need 3 450 CR, and this is not a joke, even for some whales. We've gathered some statistics and found out that those who have only donated about $10 in Battle Pass, have only gotten to the point of 1 950 CR.

This fact has led to harsh criticism from Diablo Immortal community — some people say they're done, some call for justice from their government to impose sanctions on Blizzard in terms of monetization. If we take emotions aside, it should be noted you have to level up and farm in all the modern MMORPGs to get to the current content.

Think about it — if Blizzard will let anybody get their hands on set items and kill Vitaath in solo, then what are they going to do the next month, wait for the new big update? Well, Blizzard is not perfect either, and lacks basic communications mobile players have come to expect from devs.

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Diablo Immortal

Released on Jun 2, 2022
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