Diablo Immortal falls from its throne or the top mobile games in July 2022

SensorTower says Stumble Guys is better than Diablo Immortal. At least it was in July.

Mobile MMORPGs bring a lot of money, ask Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, ask Diablo Immortal. It doesn't mean these games can stay relevant for a long time — they bring most cash during the first 2 weeks, so it's hard to consider them 'live services' with many years to come. Nowadays, if a game sees its first anniversary, it's a strong title.

Well, it seems that mobile gamers are more inclined to play arcade games — Stumble Guys became the top downloadable project in App Store and on both iOS and Android. And as you might know, it's a rip-off from Fall Guys. By the way, Garena Free Fire gets the same 1st place in Google Play (SensorTower doesn't have information on Android downloads in China).

But let's talk concrete numbers here — there were about 4.8B downloads from App Store and Google Play in July 2022. The #1 country was India, #2 the US, and #3 — Brazil. And don't think that mobile gamers are love 'hypercasual' projects — there were only 2 of those in the top charts.

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Android, IOS

Diablo Immortal

Released on Jun 2, 2022
IOS, Android

Stumble Guys

Released on Feb 12, 2021
2 days ago

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