Devilishly stylish RPG Dislyte coming soon to iOS and Android

It’s time to repel the forces of evil in style!

Dislyte is a new breathtaking odyssey that blends beautiful Urban Pop-Fantasy visuals with classic Mythology in this stunning turn-based RPG dropping in May 2022 via the iOS and Android store.

Dislyte is an all-new turn-based RPG that incorporates beautiful urban Pop-Fantasy visuals with ancient mythology to create an eye-popping experience! Face off against mythical foes across Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian mythology to electrified EDM beats and test your skills against other players in the arena.

LilithGames is the publisher of Dislyte. This studio might be familiar to you for the game AFK Arena. It seems they've decided to go with the same cartoon design and idle-RPG elements. You will have to assemble a team of rare heroes who will fight with evils in a turn-based manner.

The difference is that Dislyte has many songs in it that you have to discover and fight to. As for the updates, the game has received a new story stage and Esper Arena to fight with the players like yourself. Moreover, open beta is coming to the US and the United Kingdom on May 10, 2022.

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Released on May 10, 2022
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