Demon Slayer: Hunt could replace Diablo, but the devs went the other way

Demon Slayer: Hunt came out on Android in a few countries. It's not exactly Diablo, but the devs knew what they were doing.

Demon Slayer: Hunt is a mobile game that is available in the US Google Play. Unfortunately, there's no word on the iOS version. The controls are unusual — you tap on the place where you want your character to move. The same goes for fighting — tap on enemies and your Scandinavian warrior will smash them in auto-combat. And although the graphics look kinda "mobile", the level design is on another level.

This slasher game draws in with simple puzzles where you need to connect energy shards. The gameplay is split up into locations and missions. But the good question is, "Why do you need so many resources?". Because in Demon Slayer: Hunt you have food, wood, stones, gold, and crystals. It might refer to a later part of the game where you need to build a shelter.

Demon Slayer: Hunt has some boss fights, too. They are made like cinematic trailers with you and many other warriors (NPCs, not real humans) fighting with smooth animations. In these moments, the level of graphics is like for consoles.

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Demon Slayer: Hunt

Will be released in 2022
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