Dead Cells Mobile gets ready for 'Break the Bank' patch

Publisher Playdigious is going to release 3 updates for Dead Cells at the same time.

Dead Cells is a roguelike game for many platforms. It has got already so much content, and most of it for free. The gamers are asking about Dead Cells 2, but Plaidigious is still full of ideas for the base game. Well, prepare yourselves, mobile gamers — Dead Cells is going to receive 'Break the Bank' update on November 29th. Yes, it's much later than for PC and consoles, but it's free.

In 'Break the Bank', players will be able to invest with their in-game currency in new weapons and mutations. But there's a catch — sometimes you need to borrow money from the bank and take a risk of not returning alive. Yes, there will be a new biome with lots of gold, new weapons, and enemies.

Apart from 'Break the Bank', Dead Cells players will receive two other patches, the first one is called 'Breaking Barriers'. It's about adapting the game to a wider audience by giving the ability to change the UI, turn on the assist mode, and even press the Continue button after dying.

The second small patch for Dead Cells is called 'Enter the Panchaku' with the weapon and items balance, Soul Knight skin, and the ability to pet pets.

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Dead Cells

Released on Aug 28, 2019
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