DC Worlds Collide will be closed in September, here's what to do next

Publisher Nuverse has stated that DC Worlds Collide will no longer be supported.

DC Worlds Collide is another alternative to RAID: Shadow Legends. If you've always wanted to command Batman, Superman and other DC superheroes, you might have the last chance — the game will be closed on September 28th due to lack of popularity in soft-launched regions like the US. The iOS version is already down, with the Google Play page going down today. Also, starting today, you won't be able to make purchases in DC Worlds Collide.

It goes without saying that after the servers are closed, all your progress will be lost. The game only has 500K+ download in Google Play, which is too few for such a franchise. It seems that DC wanted to repeat the same success story as Marvel did with its numerous mobile entries, but the DC fans are only buying Injustice fighting.

Here's the list of DC Worlds Collide' best characters (fresh for July and maybe until the servers are closed because we don't anticipate new updates):

  • Sinestro;
  • Green Lantern — Hal;
  • Green Lantern — John;
  • Superman;
  • Doctor Fate;
  • Lex Luthor;
  • Wonder Woman;
  • Cyborg;
  • The Flash.

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