Date A Live: Spirit Pledge will get an HD version

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge will come out in a week. It's a global remaster with action and dating.

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is a mobile slasher that will get an HD version on June 9th. This information can be seen on the App Store page. Right now, there's a pre-registration process for both mobile platforms. Players will collect a team of 4 waifus and send them on 2D locations to deal with bandits. This is done in a beat 'em up style, only with anime graphics.

For each victory in Date A Live: Spirit Pledge, you get materials and XP to level up heroes. There are cute cutscenes and the plot has some dating sim vibes. It's interesting that some small levels are made with the shoot 'em up style, but there are only for tying in the plot.

To always win in Date A Live: Spirit Pledge, you have to wisely choose the group leader; various buffs depend on that. It's better to make a legendary hero a leader of your group, especially with a free summon. And for boys out there — be ready for some romantic visual novel formula, as you will be required to interact with some waifus.

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IOS, Android

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

Released on Jun 9, 2022
2 days ago

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