Coop game Project Winter Mobile is now on Android

Project Winter Mobile lets you betray your friends on smartphones. The early version is available right now.

Project Winter Mobile is a coop project for iOS and Android. The early version is available now on the second platform, there is no word about the first one. Testers from the US, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, and Russia can participate. The servers will be closed on 19th May and the progress will be deleted. If you live in Europe, there is good news — the devs have added a new server there for better connection.

In Project Winter Mobile you and other players are split into two groups — survivors and hunters. Like in Among Us, the first group doesn't know who's against them. Simultaneously, they need to complete objectives and not freeze to death. There is a cozy shelter for this, but don't be silly — the murderer can be in there.

If you die in Project Winter Mobile, your spirit will travel around the map, looking at other survivors trying to do their thing. You can't communicate, but still, this game is great for coop and if you're playing with friends and still alive, why not use a built-in voice chat for talking?

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Project Winter Mobile

Released on Aug 31, 2022
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