Code Doomsday lets you shoot monsters with a sniper rifle

Code Doomsday has been launched on Android in the Southeast Asia. You will hunt very strange creatures.

Code Doomsday is a mobile strategy game that even has some elements from the Pokémon franchise. Yes, you will hunt down rare monsters and add them to your team, but don't expect Pikachu — the creatures you get a gigantic and some of them look like a crab with a truck instead of a seashell.

As for the plot of Code Doomsday, humanity is nearly extinct, winter is already here and the towns are filled with monsters. In this game, you will build a base and assemble expeditions with fights against other groups of creatures. They are automatic, you just need to move your group, smashing cars and even destroying buildings. This thing might remind you of Godzilla.

As you progress in Code Doomsday, you'll be able to form an alliance and participate in coop modes. Don't forget about your main object — to get and evolve your creatures. This is done by a constant exploration of the map. The hardcore places are the Ruins and Monster Nests, where you shouldn't wander alone.

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IOS, Android

Code Doomsday

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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