Chinese version of Blade of God 2 can be played on iOS and Android

Blade of God 2 comes to smartphones with new events and content in the latest beta test.

Blade of God 2 is an action game for smartphones that was inspired by Dark Souls franchise. Right now, the game is going through a beta testing on iOS and Android in China. You can play it, but you'll need a Bilibili account. The servers will stay open until August 22nd, when all your progress will be deleted. The developers recommend 3 GB of free space, although it's much better to have all 10 GB available.

Because of the new testing opportunities for mobile gamers, there are many events for Blade of God 2. Mind you, they are mostly for the Chinese messengers and social media with prizes like smartphone accessories and in-game packs.

As of now, we can't confirm an approximate date for the release of Blade of God 2. It's safe to say the game will be out later this year or in 2023. And for now, you can play Blade of God 2 on both iOS and Android, but there's only pre-registration via the Chinese App Store. Nonetheless, there are other opportunities to try this game on iOS.

System requirements for Blade of God 2

  • Apple 8 or better;
  • Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810 (8 cores);
  • 6 GB RAM;
  • Android 9.0 or better.

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